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Our aim is to reach the following objectives:

To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other such establishments. To establish and develop institutions for the physically or mentally challenged people and to provide them education, food, clothing and shelter.

To grant relief and assistance to the victims of natural calamities such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire, pestilence, etc., and to assist institutions, establishments or anyone engaged in such relief work.

To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kinds of aid to underprivileged students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed or sex.

To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid in cash or in kind to hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centres and/or such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the civil society.

To render assistance to other public charitable trusts or institutions.

To render assistance for any other activity to uplift the underprivileged.

To acquire and maintain the movable and immovable properties for achieving the said objectives.