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About Us

Poverty, inadequate infrastructure and low socio-economic development have become so much of a dilemma that eradicating them is no more only a government issue. It was then that the founder, Mr. Henry Amalaraj founded this NGO in the spirits of providing for the underprivileged sector changed the lives of many people.

Poor educational backgrounds, uncertain employment, economic hardship and discrimination against female education affect the education of children. We wish to promote education to underprivileged children and to nurture them into fine productive assets who will build the foundation to a new nation. We wish to partake in the process of exchanging quality information with other NGOs for the purpose of bridging the data gap between the two and also providing them with the necessary funds that they might require.

The Founder

The founder, Mr. Henry Amalaraj, with an experience of 20 years in Finance, Accounts and Operations of Information Technology and Manufacturing Companies has always dedicated his life to helping the underprivileged. He started by enrolling as a member in a Social Service Group which used to provide underprivileged children education.

Later in 1989 he went onto helping orphanages and old age homes with funds. He then started to travel and came across such welfare centres that required funding and helped sustain them. He realized on his journey that most of these welfare centres had little access to funds.

Over a period of time he started working with a network of organizations with similar interests like, basic sustainance underprivileged children, poverty, inadequate infrastructure and low socio-economic development. They would promote the idea of developing the marginalized sectors with the help of the civil society. He then came to a conclusion where he could have his own NGO which help not only the under-developed sectors but also help in funding other NGOs and promote the exchange of quality information between them. Thus, The Henry Foundation was born.