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India, a developing nation faces problems in terms of poverty, inadequate infrastructure and low socio-economic development. There is severe conflict in terms of income, medicine, education and living condition.

We the Henry Foundation are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) who are committed to the social welfare and development of the marginalized sectors of society. We provide these sectors with amenities such as charities and old age homes. We also help in developing or maintaining social welfare centres for the civil society.

We believe that such changes are possible only with the proactive participation of privileged people in lending a helping hand in creating a brighter and a more serene future.


Education Sponsorship:

Bindu, a house maid who resides in Lingarajapuram and works in Oil Mill Road.. She is a mother of two children Sowmya and Shyju. Sowmya studies in Class VII and Shyju studies in Class III at New Florence Public School. Despite all of her hard work Bindu’s earnings are barely able to suffice for their livelihood. Hence these children have been sponsored by The Henry Foundation for their education.

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